The Concept of Education

1. Candidates who can be considered as participants in the Diponegoro University Architecture and Urban Engineering Doctoral Program are Master Graduates (S2) and possibly graduates of the Specialist I Program (SP1) with the same disciplines (Architecture and Urban Planning) from accredited State / Private Universities (PTN / PTS) and meet the selection requirements set (Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 212 / U / 1999 article 5 paragraph 2).
2. Students outside the two fields of study are required to take additional courses of at least 6 credits.
3. GPA of at least 3.25 (academic ability)
4. Must have a Promoter’s Willingness Letter before registering online (for more information, please contact the secretariat).
5. Fulfill the administrative requirements that have been determined

Register online through and send the following documents (2 copies each):
1. Copies of undergraduate diplomas and original academic transcripts (S-1 & S-2) that have been legalized.
2. For Master’s program graduates from foreign universities, the diploma must have been equalized by the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.
3. Attach a statement of interest/desire projection containing (Reasons for participating in the S-3 education and the selected program, Expectations desired from the S-3 education, Plans made after completing the S-3 education).
4. Curriculum vitae.
5. License from the agency/institution where the applicant works.
6. Certificate of funding (personal/agency/sponsor) on stamped paper.
7. Possess scientific work within 5 years and include a summary of the scientific work.
8. Submit a pre-research proposal (synopsis) of a maximum of 5 sheets.
9. TOEFL (institutional or international) minimum 500 (paper base).
10. TPA (conducted at Diponegoro University) minimum 400.