Endang Setyowati, has successfully defended her dissertation manuscript on March 10, 2020 in front of a team of examiners with the title Form, Function and Architectural Meaning of Pathok Negoro Mosque as Defense of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. In a closed session of doctoral promotion led by Dr. Mrs. Ir. Atiek Suprapti, MT., as the chairperson of the session, this woman born in Magelang has been declared graduated with cum laude predicate. The results of his research that have been poured into the dissertation manuscript are the result of direct guidance with Prof. Dr. Ing. Gagaoek Hardiman, as the promoter, and Dr. Ir. Titien Woro Murtini, MSA., as co-promoter for 3 years 7 months. Based on the unique shape and architecture of the Pathok Negoro mosque building which is different from the architecture of mosque buildings in general, the research intends to find the meaning, shape and architecture of the Pathok Negoro mosque, by exploring the potential ways of thinking, philosophical concepts, religious concepts, and perspectives of the people of the Pathok Negoro Mosque. By using the Grounded Theory method, the aim of the research is to build a theory from existing empirical conditions, and it is carried out using an inductive strategy. The results of his research show that the architectural form of the mosque illustrates the existence of a link between the components of the regional defense system and the form of legitimacy of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. In addition, a formulation of the components of identity, existence, tolerance and synergy is also obtained. This finding has been defended before the internal examiner team, Prof.Dr. Nurdin H. Kristanto, MA., and Dr. Ir. Siti Rukayah, MT., as well as the external examiner team, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yulianto Sumalyo, DEA., who was invited directly from the University of Indonesia (UI) Jakarta.  The results of his research contribute to the enrichment of theory or modification of the theory of form, function and architectural meaning of buildings constructed from empirical data.

This woman who daily devotes herself as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture at the Yogyakarta Technological University is the 49th graduate of the UNDIP Architecture and Urban Sciences Doctoral Program. Several national and international seminars that she has attended during the lecture process have produced publications in the form of scientific articles published in reputable national and international journals. One of his scientific articles, entitled Hitorical environment conservation of Pathok Negoro mosque of Mlangi with virtual reality technology, has been published in the journal Ecology, Environment And Conservation Vol. 26 (2) : 2020 indexed by Scopus. In addition, this middle-aged woman who was born on February 17, 1964, has provided an extraordinary work of knowledge during the lecture process at PDIAP because she has produced a monograph entitled Knowing More about the Javanese Islamic Mosque in the Architecture of the Pathok Negoro Mosque.